Which of the following statements about the principal-agent problem is false?

A. It is the risk that a principal who hires or employs an agent to perform a task may find that the task is done poorly.

B. It is least likely to arise in cases where there is asymmetric information.

C. It may be reduced in the case of a company if its directors are given bonuses that relate to the company's profits.

D. It may be reduced in the case of a company if its directors fear their company may be subject to competition for corporate control.

General Knowledge

The bridge in Istanbul that connects Asia with Europe is called.

A. The Golden Gate Bridge

B. The Harbour Bridge

C. The Bosphorous Bridge

D. Haji Sultan II Bridge

Islamic Studies

Zakat is paid to the:

A. Masakeen

B. Needy

C. Poor relative

D. All of these

General Knowledge

SAKK is a secret agency of?

A. Norway

B. Belgium

C. Denmark

D. Sweden

Pakistan Studies

Which country is located in the North East of Pakistan

A. Iran

B. Afghanistan

C. China

D. India

World Currency

The currency of Pakistan is:

A. Pakistan Rial

B. United States Dollar

C. Pakistani Rupee

D. Lira

Islamic Studies

In which Para of the Holy Quran "Surah Momin" is located?

A. 24

B. 26

C. 28

D. 18


Aerogel is three times heavier than

A. water

B. air

C. gases

D. glass


Which is the largest country in Africa

A. Sudan

B. Nigeria

C. Libya

D. Algeria

General Science

Which of the following pathogen type cause disease that can be treated with antibiotics?

A. Bacteria

B. Fungi

C. Virus

D. None of these