General Knowledge

Who provided proof to suggest that the earth was spherical?

A. David Encaston

B. Francis Columbus

C. Ferdinand Magellan

D. None of these


What is the meaning of Munificent ?

A. Generous

B. Obscure

C. Imitate

D. Jeer

Islamic Studies

Hazrat Amna (RA), mother of Holy Prophet (PBUH) is buried in:

A. Makkah

B. Madina

C. Abwa

D. Yasrub


Dwarf is antonym of

A. Small

B. Little

C. Giant

D. None of these


Which of the following statements about barriers to entry is false?

A. They help to make a market contestable.

B. They may include a fear of sunk costs.

C. They may include a lack of know-how.

D. They may include the well-known brand names of existing firms.


The synonym of BARMY is:

A. aesthete

B. irrational

C. covering

D. benevolently


Find the average of all prime numbers between 30 and 50?

A. 35.78

B. 38.6

C. 39.8

D. 42.1

General Knowledge

The Light House of Alexandria is among the Seven Wonders of the World, located in

A. Turkey

B. Egypt

C. Greece

D. Italy


He has been proved innocent _______ the charge.

A. To

B. With

C. In

D. From

Pakistan Current Affairs

Who remained Runner Up Team In 2018 Men’s Hockey World Cup?

A. Australia

B. India

C. Belgium

D. Netherlands