When the body reaches its terminal velocity, the acceleration of the body becomes:

A. Maximum speed

B. Minimum speed

C. Zero

D. Constant quantity


What percent of 10,000 is 525?

A. 25%

B. 5.25%

C. 5.50%

D. None of these

World Current Affairs

FATF decided to retain Pakistan on its ‘Grey List’ till ___________?

A. January, 2020

B. February, 2020

C. March, 2020

D. April, 2020

Pakistan Law

That, which affords grounds for civil action only, if it causes special damage is

A. Nuisance

B. Injunction

C. Restraining breach

D. Trade mark

Books and Literature

Tarikh-ul-Rusul wal-al-Muluk is written by

A. Ibne Sina

B. At'tibri

C. Jabar

D. None of these


Choose the best correct option to complete the Sentence. We must write to him

A. He must be written to

B. He is asked to write

C. To write him is asked

D. None of the above


The time required to complete one vibration is called:

A. Time period

B. Frequency

C. Time period

D. Velocity


Which of the following might help to make original incomes less unequal?

A. People living longer.

B. A rise in the demand for unskilled labour.

C. Lower occupational pensions in many jobs.

D. A rise in unemployment.

General Science

Study of spiders is called

A. Arachnology

B. Serelogy

C. Geromtology

D. None of these

Pakistan Current Affairs

Who is the current Spokesman of the ministry of Foreign Affairs? (Check Current)

A. Qazi Khalilullah

B. Tasneem Aslam

C. Muhammad Faisal

D. Nafees Zakria