Pakistan Law

Punishment for the one who unlawfully compels any person to labour against his will shall be:

A. Imprisonment extendable to ten years, or fine, or both

B. Imprisonment extendable to seven years, or fine, or both

C. Imprisonment extendable to five years, or fine, or both

D. Imprisonment extendable to three years, or fine, or both

General Science

The coldest region in atmosphere is:

A. Mesopause

B. Stratosphere

C. Tropopause

D. None of these

World Capitals

Capital of Serbia is:

A. Novia Sad

B. Nis

C. Subotica

D. Belgrade

General Knowledge

Which country from following was known as Malagasy from ________to__________?

A. Malaysia 1985 to 1990

B. Bhutan 2000 to 2007

C. Peru 1999 to 2001

D. Madagascar 1958 to 1975

General Science

A light year is a unit of:

A. Time

B. Energy

C. Distance

D. None of these


One kilowatt-hour of work is equal to:

A. 0.36 MJ

B. 3.6 MJ

C. 36 MJ

D. 360 MJ


5005 - 5000/ 10.00 ?

A. 0.5

B. 50

C. 4505

D. None of these


He congratulated you _______ your promotion.

A. in

B. of

C. on

D. for

World Currency

The currency of Guinea-Bissau is:

A. Tenge

B. Yen

C. Quetzal

D. West African CFA Franc

Pakistan Studies

Which is the largest jungle of Pakistan?

A. Changa Manga

B. Junpur

C. Chitral

D. Chichawatni