Antonym of DISPARAGE is _____________?

A. Compare

B. Optimism

C. Acclaim

D. Peerage

International Days

Earth Day is observed on:

A. April 20

B. April 22

C. April 24

D. April 26

Islamic Studies

The word Muhammad (PBUH) as a name has been mentioned in Quran only:

A. Two times

B. Four times

C. Six Times

D. None of these

Computer Science

First generation computers were developed during

A. 1940 – 1956

B. 1956 – 1963

C. 1964 – 1971

D. None of these

Islamic Studies

Gathering on Arafat during Hajj is made on:

A. 9th Zil Hajjah

B. 3rd Ramazan

C. 2nd Safar

D. 18 Shawal

General Knowledge

Who was the first emperor of China?

A. Sun yet sen

B. Qin Shi Huang

C. Kubtai Khan

D. Cook Strait


Suppose you buy Economics by David King. What is the opportunity cost of your purchase?

A. The money you paid for the book.

B. Whatever you would have spent the money on if you had not bought the book.

C. The cost of producing the book.

D. The time you spend studying the book.


The synonym of GROVEL is:

A. secured

B. plead

C. genuine

D. sound

Pakistan Studies

In which river of Pakistan are the endangered species Blind Dolphins found?

A. River Indus

B. River Ravi

C. River Jehlum

D. River Kabul

Pakistan Current Affairs

Who is the current Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board?

A. Ehsan Mani

B. Ejaz Butt

C. Shaharyar Khan

D. Najam Sethi