The synonym of CRICK is:

A. pain

B. fantasy

C. dream

D. power

Operating System

A platform for other software to run on is called ______

A. Operating System

B. System Software

C. Application Software

D. All

General Science

Hexagon has ______ sides.

A. Five

B. Six

C. Seven

D. Eight

Pakistan Studies

The official language of Pakistan is:

A. English

B. Urdu

C. Both A & B

D. Punjab

History of Pakistan and India

The first Anglo Mysore war was fought in the year

A. 1764

B. 1766

C. 1769

D. 1770


Progressive education emphasizes learning by___________?

A. reading

B. writing

C. doing

D. enjoying

General Knowledge

SAVAK is a secret agency of?

A. Iran

B. Iraq

C. Syria

D. Egypt

Books and Literature

What is the name of author of book "Danger in Kashmir" ?

A. Joseph Albright

B. Joseph Korbel

C. Owen Dixon

D. Alistair Lamp

Pakistan Current Affairs

Who is special assistant to PM/ Minister of Human Rights

A. Farooq Naseem

B. Dr Shireen Mizari

C. Tariq Fatimi

D. None of these

Urdu General Knowledge

حضور ؐ کا چوتھے آسمان پر اسم مبارک کیا ہے ________؟

A. مزکی

B. مجیب

C. عبدالقدوس

D. مظہر