General Science

What is the value of g:

A. 9.8 m/s^2

B. 9.8 km/s^2

C. 9.8 cm/s^2

D. None of these


Choose the correct sentence out of the four sentences given below.

A. He is the tallest boy in the school.

B. He is the most tallest boy in the school.

C. He is the taller boy in the school.

D. None of these


The synonym of CAMARADERIE is:

A. turn

B. friendship

C. fall

D. degenerate

Pakistan Law

Who has authority to export narcotic drugs from Pakistan?

A. Muslims only

B. None

C. Everyone

D. Citizen of Pakistan

General Knowledge

The World's largest diamond producing country is ?

A. Australia

B. Russia

C. America

D. South Africa


If the average of a number's 75% and 25% is 240, then the number is

A. 280

B. 320

C. 360

D. None of these

Pakistan Studies

Pakistan's largest gas fired power plant is

A. Uch power plant

B. Malakand-Dargain power plant

C. Gomal power plant

D. Faisalabad Gas Turbine power plant


Ricky Ponting was the captain of which cricket team ?

A. Australia

B. England

C. Pakistan

D. India

General Knowledge

What was the name of Atomic Bomb that dropped on the city of Nagasaki?

A. Little Boy

B. Fat Boy

C. Little Man

D. Fat Man


Antonym of GUMPTION is _____________?

A. Apathy

B. Nerve

C. Initiative

D. Sagacity