Chemistry Preparation

Salts are ?

A. Acid

B. Base

C. Alkalies

D. Neutral

Which of the following statement is not true for alkynes?

A. They do not perform Baeyer’s Test

B. They undergo addition reaction

C. They burn to form CO2

D. They contain a triple bond

Cause of acidic rain is ?

A. Nitrogen

B. Sulphure Dioxide

C. Carbonic Acid

D. Carboxide

Ozone is a ____________ gas.

A. Reddish

B. Greenish

C. Bluish

D. Yellowish

Water gas is a mixture of ?

A. Hydrogen & Oxygen

B. Steam & Air

C. CO & H2

D. None of these

The coldest region in atmosphere is ?

A. Mesopause

B. Stratosphere

C. Tropopause

D. Stratopause

Those substances which give hydroxyl ions in water are called ?

A. Acid

B. Base

C. Salts

D. Alkalies

Fats and oils are example of ?

A. Proteins

B. Vitamin

C. Lipids

D. Carboyhydrates

Petroleum is a mixture of many ?

A. Salt

B. Hydrocarbons

C. Hydroxide

D. Acids

The freezing point of water is ___________ celcius.

A. 1

B. 2

C. 0

D. 3