Computer Science Preparation

Which of these keys are used in MS Word for redo?

A. Ctrl+n

B. Ctrl+v

C. Ctrl+z

D. Ctrl+Y

PNG is a file extension of:

A. Audio

B. Image

C. Video

D. Flash

To copy a picture of the screen to the Clipboard use:

A. All key

B. Shift Key

C. Print Screen Key

D. None of these

What was the purpose of Autocorrect originally?

A. To replace repetitive words

B. To replace grammatically incorrect words

C. To replace misspellings

D. All of these

What will you do if you want to insert something that stays at the same position in every slide?

A. Slide Master

B. Notes Master

C. Handout Master

D. None of these

Which part interprets program instructions and initiate control operations.

A. Input

B. Storage unit

C. Logic unit

D. Control unit

A person who gains illegal access to a computer system:

A. Hacker

B. Worm

C. Software

D. Zapper

Which of the following is not a component of telecommunication?

A. Sender

B. Office device

C. Medium

D. Receiver

Which file type cannot be attached with email.

A. dock

B. pptx

C. sisx

D. exe

Which one of the following files have 'mpeg' extension?

A. Audio

B. Image

C. Video

D. Flash