World Currency Preparation

The currency of Afghanistan is:

A. Kwanza

B. Lek

C. Afghani

D. Dram

The currency of Guinea is:

A. Gourde

B. Guinean Franc

C. Forint

D. Euro

The currency of Fiji is:

A. Lats

B. Fijian Dollar

C. Leone

D. Kyat

The currency of Phillipines is:

A. Philipine Peso

B. Philipine Dollar

C. Rupiah

D. Shekel

The currency of Guyana is:

A. Ringgit

B. Guyanese Dollar

C. Rupee

D. Krone

The currency of Saint Kitts and Nevis is:

A. East Caribbean Dollar

B. United States Dollar

C. Australian Dollar

D. Canadian Dollar