English Preparation

He complains _________ headache.

A. for

B. at

C. of

D. None of these

Which sentence is correct

A. I requested her, kindly to help me

B. I requested her to help me kindly

C. I kindly requested her to help me

D. None of these

He had heard the story many times and as many times

A. has felt such melancholy that he though his eyes will water

B. had felt such melancholy that he thinks his eyes would water

C. had felt such melancholy that thought his eyes would water

D. None of these

Her _______ remarks were not taken seriously by anyone on the nominating committee.

A. Porous

B. Obsessive

C. Frivolous

D. Durable

Antonym of “penurious” is _______?

A. generous

B. lenient

C. injurious

D. relaxed

Express the meaning of the word 'dawdling'.

A. confused

B. playing

C. loitering

D. chit-chatting

I have known him ___________ a long time.

A. Since

B. from

C. for

D. over

By _______ of their athletic activities, a few sportsmen are able to escape the pressures that living in ______ can create.

A. Knowledge, Affluence

B. Way, Prosperity

C. Order, Vicinity

D. Virtue, Poverty

Antonym of ARTIFICIAL is ______________?

A. Red

B. Solid

C. Truthful

D. Natural

The project seemed both _________ and beneficial, and the committee supported it enthusiastically.

A. Impactable

B. Feasible

C. Savory

D. Irreparable