English Preparation

Complete the Idiom "Every cloud has a silver _____"

A. Halo

B. Rain

C. Lining

D. Shadow

He asked me "did you see the new car"

A. He asked if I saw the new car.

B. He said to me If I seen the new car.

C. He asked me has I seen the new car

D. None of the above

She and ___ met 10 years ago.

A. I

B. me

C. mine

D. None of these

Rizwan _______ a plan to become a millionaire by age thirty.

A. Conformed

B. Devised

C. Curtailed

D. Condoned

I heard the neighbor ______

A. Shout

B. To Shout

C. Shouted

D. Shouting

The district police officer is invested ________ magisterial powers.

A. for

B. of

C. with

D. None of these

I am busy right now. I _______________ on it.

A. Work

B. was working

C. will work

D. None of these

DeJure means

A. by pass

B. by law

C. by the way

D. by itself

We should not _____ the poor.

A. look down

B. look down upon

C. look upon

D. None of these

The Eid _____ next week.

A. Will be

B. Shall be

C. Will

D. None of above