English Preparation

Antonym of Harmonious is _____________?

A. Peacful

B. Hostile

C. Dominant

D. Tuneful

The servant is attending _______ him.

A. on

B. with

C. for

D. upon

She is a nice girl _____________ ?

A. She isn't

B. Hasn't she

C. Isn't she

D. None of these

I like _______ books in the evening.

A. reading

B. to read

C. read 252

D. None of these

He is jealous ____ my promotion.

A. In

B. With

C. For

D. Of

He is loved by the people

A. Active

B. Passive

C. Direct

D. Indirect

Antonym of APATHY is _____________?

A. Sleep

B. Conclude

C. Zeal

D. None of these

Mrs. Blank is coming here tomorrow to give the senior girls a talk on department

A. Method of banish people

B. How to walk and sit properly

C. Reason for exiling people

D. Unloading goods from a container-ship

Select the correct meaning of: “To be above board:”

A. to have a good height

B. To be honest in any business

C. They have no debts

D. To try to be beautiful

I am busy right now. I _______________ on it.

A. Work

B. was working

C. will work

D. None of these