English Preparation

The servant is attending _______ him.

A. on

B. with

C. for

D. upon

Antonym of ADAPT is _____________?

A. Applaud

B. Unfit

C. Approve

D. None of these

Above board person means

A. Honest

B. Punctual

C. Handsome

D. None of these

The gift was bought __________ her.

A. For

B. of

C. at

D. None of these

I heard the neighbor ______

A. Shout

B. To Shout

C. Shouted

D. Shouting

The antonym of Mammoth is___________?

A. Big

B. Giant

C. Small

D. Low

Complete the Proverb "Fortune favors the _______".

A. Rich

B. Poor

C. Innocent

D. Bold

Benefitted a great deal __________ taking that online training course.

A. for

B. from

C. with

D. None of these

____________ I am afraid of dogs, my sister ________ lets her dog without a leash.

A. Since, never

B. Though, however

C. However, yet

D. None of these

Antonym of Abridge is _____________?

A. Subdue

B. Augment

C. Encourage

D. Elaborate