General Knowledge Preparation

Who is considered the founder of modern chemistry?

A. Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier

B. Henry Cavendish

C. Germain Henri Hess

D. Sadi Carnot

Taj Mahal is in

A. Delhi

B. Bombay

C. Agra

D. Hyderabad

Which city of Sindh is famous for ‘Pallo’ (Fish)?

A. Dadu

B. Jamshoro

C. Hala

D. Sukkur

The largest Island in the world is Greenland, which is largest Island in Indian Ocean?

A. Borneo

B. Madagascar

C. Java

D. Sunda

Which city is the oldest inhabited capital in the World?

A. Cairo

B. Damascus

C. Athens

D. Tehran

Which is the only Snake that Builds a Nest?

A. The female King Cobra

B. The female viper

C. The female Anaconda

D. The female mamba

The International Court of Justice is located in _________?

A. New York

B. Washigton

C. Geneva

D. The Hague

Ariana airline belongs to Afghanistan and Ural Airlines belongs to

A. Russia

B. America

C. Iran

D. Ireland

The flag of Denmark is the oldest state flag still in use. The flag is known as:

A. Dannebrog

B. Union flag

C. Union Jack

D. Deuche

The Book “Bang-i-Dara” was written by___________?

A. Jon Elia

B. Mirza Ghalib

C. Faiz Ahmed Faiz

D. Allama Iqbal