General Knowledge Preparation

Right to vote in elections is also termed as:

A. Franchise

B. Privilege

C. Initiative

D. Consent

Shakespeare beach is located in which country?

A. France


C. England

D. Canda

Bagram Air base is in

A. Balochistan

B. Iran

C. Afghanista

D. Tajikstan

Grameen Bank was brain child of Prof. Muhammad Yunus of Bangladesh. It is know for its services in:

A. Microfinance

B. Industrial credits without collateral

C. Islamic Bank

D. All of them

Big Ben, a huge clock was installed at British Parliament in

A. 1940

B. 1859

C. 1875

D. 1872

Court language during Ranjit Singh regime was___________?

A. Persian

B. Punjabi

C. Urdue

D. None

ANSA is the news agency of

A. Germany

B. Italy

C. India


Pure gold is

A. 12 carat

B. 14 carat

C. 22 carat

D. 24 carat

Who was the first emperor of China?

A. Sun yet sen

B. Qin Shi Huang

C. Kubtai Khan

D. Cook Strait

The Bolshevik Revolution is associated with:

A. France

B. Germany

C. Russia

D. England