Geography Preparation

Kalahari desert is located in

A. Botswana

B. Australia

C. Pakistan

D. Mozambique

Largest country of Central America which touches both Pacific and Atlantic ocean

A. Georgia

B. North California

C. Alabama

D. None of these

Contours are lines connecting places having

A. Equal temperature

B. Equal pressure

C. Equal height

D. Equal rainfall

The Alps Mountain range is in

A. Europe

B. Latin America

C. Africa

D. None of these

Friendship Bridge on river Oxus connects

A. Russia and China

B. China and Kazakhstan

C. Tajikistan and Afghanista

D. Uzbekistan and Afghanistan

Balkal lake is situated in

A. Kazakhastan

B. Russia


D. Angola

Largest artificial lake in the world is:

A. Lake Baikal

B. Lake Mead

C. Lake Superior

D. Lake Kariba

The highest cold desert in the world is Katpana Desert it is located in:

A. China

B. Russia

C. Spain

D. Pakistan

The Atacama Desert is located in?

A. Asia

B. Africa

C. South America

D. Australia

Taklamakan Desert is located in ?

A. Mongolia

B. Chilli

C. Kazakhstan

D. China