History of Pakistan and India Preparation

When did Quaid-e-Azam resign from the Congress?

A. 1913

B. 1916

C. 1920

D. 1922

Quaid-e-Azam joined the Muslim League in which year?

A. 1915

B. 1917

C. 1919

D. 1913

Who was leader of Simla Deputation?

A. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

B. Allama Iqbal

C. Agha Khan

D. None of these

Princess Zebunissa was eldest daughter of Mughal Emperor?

A. Shah Jahan

B. Akbar

C. Jahangir

D. Aurangzed

In Delhi proposal Quaid-e-Azam fore go

A. Separate electorate

B. Residary powers

C. Weightage in Muslim majority provinces

D. All of the above

Sindh was separated from Bombay in :

A. 1919

B. 1925

C. 1935

D. 1937

The ruling Muslim dynasty of India from 1320 to 1414 AD was

A. Slave Dynasty

B. Tughlaq

C. Lodhi

D. Khilji

A new religion Din-e-Elahi was introduced to reconcile Hindus and Muslims by which Mughal Emperor?

A. Babur

B. Akbar

C. Shahjahan

D. Jehangir

Pirpur Report was published in:

A. 1938

B. 1939

C. 1940

D. 1941

Head of boundary commission

A. Sir Cyril Red Cliff

B. Mountbatten

C. Wavell

D. Lord Clive