Islamic Studies Preparation

What is the meaning of Itikaf?

A. Ablution

B. Prostration

C. Seclusion

D. None of these

Hazrat Ali (R.A) was martyred in __________ Hijrah?

A. 36

B. 38

C. 40

D. 42

Agreement of Hudaibia made for how many years?

A. 9

B. 2

C. 10

D. 3

Who advised Abu Bakr (R.A) to compile the Quran:

A. Hazrat Umar (R.A)

B. Hazrat Uthman (R.A)

C. Hazrat Ali (R.A)

D. Hazrat Zaid (R.A)

Maximum Ahadith are narrated by

A. Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A

B. Hazrat Omar

C. Hazrat Abu Huraira R.A

D. None of the above

First Mujadid was Hazrat Umar bin Abdul Aziz. Who was the second one?

A. Ibn-e-Taimya

B. Imam Ghizali

C. Ahmad Sirhindi

D. Shah Waliullah

Who was appointed as Usher for Hijrat-e-Madinah?

A. Hazrat Saad bin Ubada (R.A)

B. Hazrat Utab bin Usaid (R.A)

C. Hazrat Abdullah bin Ariqat (R.A)

D. None of these

Tragedy of Karbala took place in the year.

A. 61 AH

B. 71 AH

C. 81 AH

D. 91 AH

What is meant by Allah's attribute "Al-Bari"?

A. The Generous

B. The Glorious

C. The Aware

D. None of these

The Soam is a pillar of Islam. It is declared as a/an ?

A. Armor

B. Love

C. Welfare

D. None of these