Mathematics Preparation

The decimal fraction 1.269 equals to common fraction.

A. 1(269/100)

B. 269/1000

C. 1(269/1000)

D. None of these

What is 3% of 20000?

A. 600

B. 60

C. 300

D. 400

If Rs. 1500 are deducted at the income tax rate 10%. What will be the total income?

A. 15000

B. 25000

C. 150000

D. 65000

If you purchased a TV in Rs. 5000 and sell it in Rs. 4000. What percent of loss you beared?

A. 10%

B. 20%

C. 25%

D. 15%

Triangle whose two sides are equal ?

A. Isosceles

B. Square

C. Trapizm

D. None of these

If the volume of two cubes are in the ratio 8:1, the ratio of the edge is ________.

A. 2:1

B. 4:2

C. 6:3

D. 8:4

In a triangle with sides a=60, b=40, c=38, the largest angle of measure is the angle opposite to the side:

A. a

B. b

C. c

D. None of these

If we multiply a fraction by itself and divide the product by its reciprocal, the fraction this obtained is 18(26/27). The original fraction is:

A. 8/27

B. 2(2/3)

C. 1(1/3)

D. None of these

A train of 150 meters long is running with a speed of 30 km/hr. In how much time it will pass a standing man ?

A. 18 s

B. 45 s

C. 12 s

D. 5 s

If x = y^a, y = z^b, z = x^c, then abc = ?

A. 4

B. 3

C. 1

D. None of these