NAB Ordinance (1999) Preparation

5(f) "Code" means the Code of Criminal Procedure,

A. 1896

B. 1897

C. 1898

D. 1899

Who give advice to the Chairman NAB upon such legal matters and perform such other duties of a legal character as may be referred or assigned to him by the Chairman NAB and in the performance of his duties, he shall have the right of audience in all Courts established under this Ordinance and all other Courts and Tribunals in Pakistan

A. Chief Justice of Pakistan

B. President of Pakistan

C. Prime Minister

D. Prosecutor General Accountability Bureau

There shall be a Deputy Chairman NAB appointed by the _______ in consultation with the Chairman NAB.

A. President of Pakistan

B. Prime Minister

C. Chief Justice

D. Chief Executive

The powers, duties, and liabilities of a receiver, if any, appointed under this section shall be the same as those of a receiver appointed under Order-XL of the Code of Civil Procedure, _____ (Act V of ____).

A. 1907

B. 1908

C. 1909

D. None of these

As and when the Chairman NAB is absent or unable to perform the functions of his office due to any reason whatsoever, the Deputy Chairman will act as the Chairman NAB, and in case the Deputy Chairman is absent or unable to perform the functions of the office, any other person duly authorized by the _______, to act as Chairman NAB.

A. President of Pakistan

B. Prime Minister of Pakistan

C. Chairman NAB

D. None of these

Where a person found guilty of an offence is sentenced to pay a fine, irrespective of whether or not a sentence of imprisonment is imposed, the amount of the fine shall in no case be less than the gain derived by the accused or any relative or associate which may be set off against the

A. forfeited or frozen assets and property

B. forfeited or frozen property

C. forfeited or frozen assets

D. None of these

Where an accused person is convicted for the offence of corruption or corrupt practices as specified in the Schedule to this Ordinance, he shall stand disqualified for ______ for seeking, or from being elected chosen appointed or nominated as a member or representative of any public office, or any statutory or local authority of the Government of Pakistan.

A. 19 years

B. 20 years

C. 21 years

D. 22 years

NAB Ordinance 1999 was promulgated by

A. President Farooq Ahmed Leghari

B. President Rafiq Tarar

C. Pervez Musharaf

D. None of the above

The property belonging to the Government and includes gifts, donations, financial assistants, grants, aid received or collected in whatever name or for whatever purpose by a holder of public office during the tenure of office is called:

A. Pubic property

B. Government property

C. Provincial government Property

D. Society property

The Prosecutor General is the head of prosecution, and serves for term of:

A. Four years

B. Three years

C. Five years

D. None of these