Operating System Preparation

A high priority process is treated ____ a low priority process, with either equal or proportional algorithm.

A. Lesser than

B. Greater than

C. same as

D. None of these

An algorithm is best described as

A. A computer language

B. A step by step procedure for solving a problem

C. A branch of mathematics

D. All of the above

Operating system is

A. A collection of hardware components

B. A collection of input-output devices

C. A collection of software routines

D. All of the above

Which of the following statements is false?

A. a small page size causes large page tables

B. internal fragmentation is increased with small pages

C. a large page size causes instructions and data that will not be referenced brought into primary storage

D. I/O transfers are more efficient with large pages

The resource management can be done in an operating system via

A. Space division multiplexing

B. both time and space division multiplexing

C. time division multiplexing

D. None of these

Data encryption

A. is mostly used by public networks

B. is mostly used by financial networks

C. cannot be used by private installations

D. is not necessary, since data cannot be intercepted

A platform for other software to run on is called ______

A. Operating System

B. System Software

C. Application Software

D. All

Addressing modes

A. defines the fundamental method of determining effective operand addresses

B. are variations in the use of fundamental addressing structures, or some associated actions which are related to addressing.

C. performs indicated operations on two fast registers of the machine and leave the result in one of the registers.

D. all of the above

What problem is solved by Dijkstra's banker's algorithm?

A. mutual exclusion

B. deadlock recovery

C. deadlock avoidance

D. cache coherence

Which of the following is false about disk when compared to main memory?

A. non-volatile

B. longer storage capacity

C. lower price per bit

D. faster