Physics Preparation

If vector A lies in the third quadrant, its direction will be:

A. 180 −

B. 360 −

C. 180 +

D. None of these

Specific resistance of materials depend upon:

A. Length

B. Area

C. Density

D. Temperature

Acceleration of a projection on the diameter for a particle moving along a circle is:

A. w2x

B. wx2

C. –w2x

D. –wx2

The expression for instantaneous displacement of particle executing SHM is:

A. a = −w2x

B. x = xo sin wt

C. F = kx

D. All of above

A body will be in complete equilibrium when it is satisfying:

A. 1st condition of equilibrium

B. 2nd condition of equilibrium

C. Both 1st and 2nd condition of equilibrium

D. Impossible

Torque is defined as:

A. Product of force and moment arm

B. Turning effect of force

C. Cross product of force and position vector

D. All a, b and c are correct

Candela is the SI unit of

A. Charge

B. Power

C. Refractive index

D. Luminous intensity

Ideal fluid is:

A. Non-viscous

B. Incompressible

C. Steady flow

D. Possess all properties

The electric intensity at infinite distance from the point charge is :

A. Infinite

B. Zero

C. Positive

D. Negative

Slope of work time graph is equal to.

A. Displacement

B. Acceleration

C. Power

D. Energy