Physics Preparation

The resultant of two forces of equal magnitudes is also equal to the magnitude of the forces. The angle between the two forces is:

A. 30°

B. 60°

C. 90°

D. 120°

Which one of the following is not a unit of length:

A. Micron

B. Light year

C. Radian

D. Angstrom

The drag force F on a sphere of radius r moving slowly with speed v through a fluid of viscosity 𝜂 is:

A. 6𝜋𝜂 𝑟2 𝑣

B. 6𝜋𝜂 𝑟 𝑣

C. 6𝜋2𝜂 𝑟 𝑣

D. 6𝜋𝜂 𝑟 𝑣2

The original source of tidal energy is:

A. Moon

B. Earth

C. Sun

D. Sea

The area between the velocity-time graph and the time axis is numerically equal to:

A. Velocity

B. Distance

C. Time

D. Acceleration

Bernoulli’s theorem applies to:

A. Solids

B. Plasma state

C. Fluids

D. Liquids

The electric intensity at infinite distance from the point charge is :

A. Infinite

B. Zero

C. Positive

D. Negative

As the waterfalls from the tap, its speed increases, and cross-sectional area:

A. Zero

B. Increases

C. Decreases

D. Remains constant

According to equation of continuity, A1V1 = A2V2 = constant. The constant is equal to:

A. Flow rate

B. Volume of fluid

C. Mass of fluid

D. Density of fluid

The minimum number of communication satellites required to cover the whole earth is:

A. 4

B. 3

C. 2

D. 5