Antonyms Preparation

Antonym of LACONIC is:

A. Prolific

B. Profligate

C. Prolix

D. Bucolic

Antonym of STIFLE is _____________?

A. Volley

B. Encore

C. Triplet

D. Promote

Antonym of PLAINTIVE is _____________?

A. Pithy

B. Quaint

C. Accuser

D. Merry

Antonym of PRECIOUS is _____________?

A. Honor

B. Treasured

C. Paltry

D. Jewel

Antonym of RECALCITRANT is _____________?

A. Submissive

B. Maladroit

C. Audacious

D. Travail

Antonym of APATHY is _____________?

A. Enemy

B. Love

C. Noble

D. Temptation

What is the Antonym of Virtue?

A. Variable

B. Fraud

C. Crime

D. Vice

Antonym of DISPARAGE is _____________?

A. Compare

B. Optimism

C. Acclaim

D. Peerage

Antonym of COMPATIBLE is

A. friendly

B. different in temperament

C. open

D. None of these

Antonym of NOVICE is _____________?

A. Deletion

B. Beatitude

C. Volley

D. Veteran