Synonyms Preparation

The synonym of CROTCHETY is:

A. brave

B. clever

C. cave

D. grumpy

The synonym of GINGERLY is:

A. cautiously

B. fantasy

C. dream

D. power

Choose the word that has the same or nearly same meaning of the given word: INTIMATE

A. Frightening

B. Curious

C. Private

D. Characteristics

The synonym of BAFFLE is:

A. puzzle

B. orthodox

C. sink

D. gratitude

The synonym of BELIE is:

A. doubt

B. contradict

C. bargain

D. suppress

The synonym of GROOM is:

A. doubt

B. clean

C. bargain

D. suppress

The synonym of EDGILY is:

A. obligingly

B. pickup

C. accept

D. tensely

The synonym of FLOUT is:

A. come close

B. quarrel

C. clash

D. disobey

The synonym of GRUBBILY is:

A. shabbily

B. release

C. harass

D. excitement

The synonym of ELATE is:

A. fabricate

B. abstract

C. exhilarate

D. to open