Synonyms Preparation

The synonym of ENSEMBLE is:

A. come close

B. quarrel

C. clash

D. collaborate

The synonym of DALE is:

A. durability

B. resilience

C. simplicity

D. valley

The synonym of GUSTO is:

A. fat

B. talkative

C. enjoyment

D. difficult language

Choose the word that has the same or nearly the same meaning of the given word: ENIGMA

A. Laughter

B. Mystery

C. Enclosure

D. Shadow

COMMENDABLE is most similar to

A. Admirable

B. Accountable

C. Irresponsible

D. Noticeable

The synonym of EPHEMERAL is:

A. adult

B. short-lived

C. pelt

D. retract

The synonym of GANGLING is:

A. bad

B. close

C. lanky

D. unclear

The synonym of FACETIOUS is:

A. flippant

B. arrange

C. segregate

D. reject

The synonym of ACRID is:

A. athlete

B. pungent

C. junior

D. incompetent

The synonym of DICEY is:

A. fury

B. careless

C. calmness

D. risky