World Current Affairs Preparation

Afghan Parliamentary election, 2018 is/was scheduled to be held on ______ ?

A. 10 Oct 2018

B. 20 Oct 2018

C. 10 Nov 2018

D. None of these

Recently, ______ has been elected as Vice president of Financial Task Force.


B. Japan

C. China

D. None of these

Capital of Burundi is:

A. Bubanza

B. Gitega

C. Bururi

D. Cankuzo

According to Asian Development Bank the growth rate of India of the financial year 2018-2019 is

A. 7.2%

B. 8.2%

C. 6.2%

D. None of these

When Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton arrived in Pakistan for their first official five days trip to Pakistan?

A. 11 October 2019

B. 14 October 2019

C. 18 October 2019

D. None of above

According to UNICEF which Country is at No. 1 position w.r.t child born on New year day in 2019?

A. Nigeria

B. India

C. Chine

D. None of the above

How many points Pakistan improved on Worlds Banks Ease of doing business Index 2020?

A. 28

B. 29

C. 30

D. 31

Which country ranked first as per the climate change performance index?

A. Sweden

B. Iran

C. Mexico

D. Ireland

Who is the current Iranian President?

A. Ahmadinejad

B. Hassan Rohani

C. Muhammad Khatami

D. None of these

Which country has become the World’s first lander on the far side of the Moon on 3 January, 2019?

A. America

B. Britain

C. Russia

D. China