World Current Affairs Preparation

What the population density in Pakistan as per Km square?

A. 231

B. 281

C. 331

D. 381

Brexit deal got turned down by the British Parliament with vote score of_________?

A. 400-200

B. 432-202

C. 410-219

D. 399-208

______________ has announced the Formation of the Iran Action Task Group (IAG) and to coordinate and run State Policy towards Iran.

A. Russian

B. France


D. None of these

SBP formally issues commemorative coin on Guru Nanak’s ___________ birth anniversary?

A. 550th

B. 560th

C. 500th

D. none of these

Ranking of Pakistan of doing business according to Worlds Banks Ease of doing Business Index 2020?

A. 108

B. 109

C. 110

D. 111

Pakistan is declared as the most patriotic nation in Asia by Gallup survey. According to this survey how much percentage of Pakistanis is willing to fight for the country?

A. 100%

B. 99%

C. 89%

D. 79%

Which Ex Indian PM visited Pakistan on occasion of Kartarpur Corridor inauguration?

A. Atal Bihari Vajpai

B. Narendra Singh Modi

C. Manmohan Singh

D. Indar Kumar Gojal

Which Cricketer Star received the 2019 Asia Game Changer Award by Asia Society in New York?

A. Sana Mir

B. Hajra Khan

C. Zulfiya Nazir

D. Bismah Maroof

Who has been elected as member of the executive committee of the Inter Parliamentary Union?

A. Asad Qaisar

B. Raza Rabbani

C. Sadiq sanjrani

D. None of these

Capital of Bulgaria is:

A. Varna

B. Sofia

C. Plovdiv

D. Burgas