Assistant Director (MOD) Preparation

This is randomly generated sample paper for the post of Assistant Director (MOD) according to the Syllabus. It will be renewed everytime when you will return or refresh the Page.

Islamic Studies

In the beginning Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) worked as a shepherd for __________?

A. Banu Saad

B. Banu Asad

C. Banu Ummayya

D. Banu Makhzoom

Islamic Studies

Allah says, “Wives of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are mothers of believers” in Surah _________ .

A. Aal-e-Imraan

B. Yaaseen

C. Muhammad

D. Ahzaab

Islamic Studies

Which surah starts without “Bismillah” ?

A. Al-Baqara

B. Al-Nisa

C. Al-Toba

D. Al-Ikhlas

Islamic Studies

Who was the first martyr in Islam:

A. Hazrat Hamza (RA)

B. Hazrat Yasir (RA)

C. Hazarat Sumaya (RA)

D. None of these

Islamic Studies

“Kitab-al-Umm” is written by:

A. Abu Hanifa

B. Imam Malik

C. Imam Shafi

D. Ahmad bin Hambal

Islamic Studies

Salat was gifted to Prophet Muhammad SAW on:

A. Shab e Qadr

B. Shab e Miraj

C. Shab e Baraat

D. None of these

Islamic Studies

What is the number of Rajab Month in Islamic Calendar?

A. 6th

B. 8th

C. 7th

D. None of these

Islamic Studies

How many times Hazrat Ayyub (peace be upon him) mentioned in the Holy Quran?

A. Three

B. Four

C. Six

D. None of these

Islamic Studies

I would definite wage war against them who disassociate prayer from Zakat. Who among the Kahlifa's did issued this statement

A. Hazrat Ali (RA)

B. Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA)

C. Hazrat Umar (RA)

D. Hazrat Usman (RA)

Islamic Studies

Which among the following is called Key to Paradise?

A. Fast

B. Salah

C. Hajj

D. Umrah

Islamic Studies

Tragedy of Karbala took place in the year.

A. 61 AH

B. 71 AH

C. 81 AH

D. 91 AH

Islamic Studies

Title of Amin Ul Ummat was given to ?

A. Abdullah bin Masood

B. Abdullah bin Abbas

C. Abdullah bin Umar

D. None of the above

Islamic Studies

Total number of surrah in last parah is

A. 27

B. 33

C. 35

D. 37

Islamic Studies

Sheesh (AS) passed away at the age of

A. 911

B. 912

C. 913

D. 914

Islamic Studies

Who was the first father in law of Prophet (PBUH)

A. Haris

B. Ismail

C. Khuwaylid

D. Shoaib

Islamic Studies

Number of Fiqa resources ?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

Pakistan Studies

Pakistan Steel Mills is located in?

A. Lahore

B. Gwadar

C. Karachi

D. None of them

Pakistan Studies

Who was the second Prime Minister of Pakistan?

A. Ch Muhammad Ali

B. Kh. Nazim-ud-Din

C. Liaquat Ali Khan

D. Feroze Khan Noon

Pakistan Studies

The Supreme commander of Pakistan Armed Forces is?

A. Army Chief

B. Prime Minister

C. President

D. Governor

Pakistan Studies

Who was the hero of Pak India 1965 war?

A. Major Raja Aziz Bhatti

B. Major Tufail

C. Lalik Jan

D. Mulla Faqir

Pakistan Studies

Indian Council Act was passed on?

A. 8th August 1858

B. 18th July 1858

C. 24th October 1858

D. 3rd June 1858

Pakistan Studies

The first Chief of Staff of Pak Army was ________ ?

A. General Takka Khan

B. General Ziaul Haq

C. General Sharif

D. General Ayub Khan

Pakistan Studies

Famous Urdu poet Mustafa Zaidi was by profession a:

A. Professor

B. Businessman

C. Civil Servant

D. None of these

Pakistan Studies

Which is the national bird of Pakistan?

A. Markhor

B. Parrot

C. Chakor

D. None of these

Pakistan Studies

A small town in Sindh “Keti Bunder”. is famous for?

A. Historical site

B. Gas and Oil field

C. Fish harbor

D. Military

Pakistan Studies

Military courts were made in Pakistan in

A. 2014

B. 2016

C. 2015

D. 2010

Pakistan Studies

Which city is called gateway of Pakistan?

A. Islamabad

B. Karachi

C. Multan

D. Lahore

Pakistan Studies

In which river of Pakistan are the endangered species Blind Dolphins found?

A. River Indus

B. River Ravi

C. River Jehlum

D. River Kabul

Pakistan Studies

Who was Pakistan's first permanent representative to the UN ?

A. Sir Zafarullah Khan

B. A. S Bokhari

C. Prince Aly Khan

D. M.A.H Ispahani

Pakistan Studies

What was the old name of Sukkur Barrage?

A. James Barrage

B. Lloyd Barrage

C. Thomas Barrage

D. Napier Barrage

Pakistan Studies

Karakoram highway is also known as

A. N-40

B. N-35

C. N-30

D. N-25

Pakistan Studies

From which country Pakistan purchased Gawadar?

A. Kuwait

B. Iran

C. Oman

D. None of these

Pakistan Studies

Which country is located in the North East of Pakistan

A. Iran

B. Afghanistan

C. China

D. India

Pakistan Studies

Most of the electricity in Pakistan is produced by

A. Hydal Power

B. Nuclear Power

C. Solar Power

D. Thermal Power

Pakistan Studies

Hazara Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province comprises five districts including: Abbotabad, Battgram, Kohistan, Mansehra and

A. Mardan

B. Mingora

C. Haripur

D. Khanpur

Pakistan Studies

Who has the credit to be the first woman High Court judge of Pakistan ?

A. Talat Yaqub

B. Nasira Javed Iqbal

C. Majida Rizvi

D. Fakhrun Nisa Khokhar

Pakistan Studies

Which of the following provinces of Afghanistan share border with Pakistan

A. Ningrahar, Paktia, Ghazni

B. Bamiyan, Farah, Herat

C. Balkh, Samangan, Kunduz

D. Takhar, Uruzgan, Ghur

Pakistan Studies

Why Quaid-e-Azam launched Direct Action day on August 16, 1946 ?

A. To protest against breach of pledge by Viceroy FM Lord Wavell

B. To oppose the Congress policies

C. To get support from the massive for party membership

D. To curb the upsurge of the National Muslims

Pakistan Studies

APS Peshawar tragedy happened on:

A. 16 December 2014

B. 15 December 2014

C. 17 December 2014

D. None of these

Pakistan Studies

Who appointed General Muhammad Azad Khan as Rehabilitation commissioner?

A. Iskandar Mirza

B. Ayub Khan

C. Yahya

D. Zia ul Haq

Pakistan Studies

Asma Jahangir won UN Human Rights Prize in

A. 2017

B. 2018

C. 2016

D. 2015

History of Pakistan and India

August offer was made by:

A. Lord Mountbatten

B. Lord Wavell

C. Lord Irwin

D. Lord Linlithgow

History of Pakistan and India

When All India Muslim League came into being?

A. 1905

B. 1906

C. 1907

D. 1909

History of Pakistan and India

Ojhri camp was an:

A. Ammunition depot

B. Dairy From

C. Sugar depot

D. Parathon hosue

History of Pakistan and India

Name the king who fell from the horse while playing Polo and died

A. Akbar

B. Muhammad Ghori

C. Zaheer-ud-Din Babar

D. Qutbuddin Aibak


ماہنامہ محزن کس نے شروع کیا؟

A. حسرت موہانی

B. سر سید احمد خان

C. احمد ندیم قاسمی

D. شیخ عبدالقادر

General Knowledge

The World’s first underground railway system was built in___________?

A. New York

B. Berlin

C. Moscow

D. London

General Knowledge

We live on the planet Earth. According to the scientists, the Earth was formed about _____ years ago.

A. 4.6 million

B. 5.6 million

C. 4.5 billion

D. 5.6 billion

General Knowledge

Charles Franklin Kettering invented_____________?

A. Quick start

B. automobile self start

C. clock

D. lamp

General Knowledge

Most populated state of USA is _____________?

A. California

B. Texas

C. New York

D. Florida

General Knowledge

A change is an individual`s behaviour promoted by information and experience regers to which one of the following concept?

A. Learning

B. Role selection

C. Perception

D. Motivation

General Knowledge

White goods are

A. Basic raw materials

B. Durable consumptions goods

C. Cosmetic articles

D. Goods imported from western countries

General Knowledge

Kremlin is

A. Russian President Office

B. US President

C. Russian Parade Ground

D. None of these

General Knowledge

Babri Masjid which was demolished by Hindu extremists is situated in the province/state

A. Maharashtra

B. Uttar Pardesh

C. Madhya Pardesh

D. Andra Pardesh

General Knowledge

The World's tallest building is :

A. Sears Towers

B. Empire state building (New York)

C. Burj Khalifa

D. Petronas Towers

General Knowledge

The lowest number of people living below the poverty line among the SAARC Countries is:

A. Bangladesh

B. Pakistan

C. Nepal

D. Sri Lanka

General Knowledge

Right to vote in elections is also termed as:

A. Franchise

B. Privilege

C. Initiative

D. Consent

General Knowledge

In which type of climate are coniferous forests found?

A. Savanna

B. Miditerranean

C. Siberian

D. Hot desert

General Knowledge

Modern Slavery Bill 2018 was passed by

A. Australia

B. New Zealand


D. England

Books and Literature

Which of the following books is/are written by Shakespeare?

A. Merchant of Venice

B. Macbeth

C. Othello

D. All of the above

International Organizations

HDI (Human Development Index) as an indicator of the well-being of a country, was the brainchild of:

A. Amartya Sen

B. Jevier Pere de Cuellar

C. Mahbub-ul-Haq

D. None of these

International Organizations

Who is the current Secretary-General of the United Nations?

A. Ban ki moon

B. Antonio Guterres

C. Kofi annan

D. Boutrus ghali

International Organizations

'Ottawa Convention 1997' is related to:

A. Environment Protection

B. Preserving Wild Life

C. Banning Landmines

D. Banning chemical weapons

Pakistan Current Affairs

Who remained Runner Up Team In 2018 Men’s Hockey World Cup?

A. Australia

B. India

C. Belgium

D. Netherlands

Pakistan Current Affairs

Federal Minister for National Health Services and Regulations:

A. Rafiq Mengul

B. Saira Afzal Tarrar

C. Khurram Dastagir

D. Zafar Mirza


10 men can complete a job in 14 days. How long will it take 4 men to finish the same job if they work at the same rate?

A. 33

B. 35

C. 37

D. 39


Find the value of x: -2x - 3 = 3:

A. 3

B. -3

C. -2

D. 2


When 40% of a number is added to 42, the result is the number itself. The number is:

A. 70

B. 80

C. 90

D. 75


A man can row with the stream at 10 km/hr and against the stream at 5km/hr. Man's rate in still water is

A. 5 km/hr

B. 2.5 km/hr

C. 7.5 km/hr

D. 15 km/hr


When 5 is added three times in a number, the number becomes 29. The number is ______.

A. 8

B. 7

C. 14

D. 12


Antonym of SARTORIAL is _____________?

A. Homespun

B. Cheerful

C. Inelegant

D. Sincere


Antonym of CURTAIL is _____________?

A. Cramp

B. Prolong

C. Chop

D. Clip


Antonym of MITE is _____________?

A. Bit

B. Bug

C. Insect

D. Whole


Antonym of BRUSQUE is _____________?

A. Corrupt

B. Brash

C. energetic

D. Courteous


Antonym of ADAPT is _____________?

A. Applaud

B. Unfit

C. Approve

D. None of these


Antonym of GREGARIOUS is ____________?

A. Talkative

B. Lonesome

C. Cheerful

D. Boring


The question paper was ___________ it was completely incomprehensible.

A. more complicated so

B. such complicated that

C. so complicated that

D. None of these


Ali __________ studying until he ___________ all the exam topics.

A. did not stop, covered

B. had not stop, cover

C. stopped, covered

D. None of these


When you argue with friend, you don't go home and destroy every object that he ever touched __________?

A. do you

B. don't you

C. would you

D. None of these


This story is replete _____ interesting incidents

A. For

B. Of

C. Against

D. With


Express the meaning of the word 'rocked'.

A. exhausted

B. stupid

C. excited

D. innocent


I must start __________ dawn to reach the station in time.

A. on

B. at

C. by

D. after


They drew a circle in the morning. Correct passive form:

A. A circle is being drawn by them in the morning.

B. A circle was drawn by them in the morning.

C. In the morning, a circle have been drawn by them.

D. A circle has been drawing since morning


The person ________ made these cakes have my vote.

A. Whom

B. Which

C. Who

D. When


What is the meaning of Fugitive?

A. Escaping

B. Enduring

C. Vain

D. Weak


Antonym of ACRIMONIOUS is _____________?

A. Acid

B. Bitter

C. Clever

D. Soothing


Antonym of OBSOLETE is _____________?

A. Hyrum

B. Modern

C. Act

D. Paramount


Antonym of DOUR is _____________?

A. Implausible

B. Cheerful

C. Boring

D. Portal


Antonym of SYBARITE is _____________?

A. Childless

B. Vascular

C. Ascetic

D. Imposter


Antonym of BLITHE is _____________?

A. Despondent

B. Mutinous

C. Angelic

D. Rigid


Antonym of TERSE is _____________?

A. Chattering

B. Threefold

C. Lean

D. Miserly


Antonym of GREGARIOUS is _____________?

A. Posterior

B. Outstanding

C. Poisonous

D. Reclusive


Antonym of ANATHEMA is _____________?

A. Differentiation

B. Benediction

C. Fortitude

D. Extricate


Antonym of SERRATED is _____________?

A. Oily

B. Joined

C. Smooth

D. Greeted


What is the Antonym of Opaque?

A. Misty

B. Shiny

C. Covered

D. Transparent


What is the Antonym of Virtue?

A. Variable

B. Fraud

C. Crime

D. Vice


Which word is opposite to 'Offend'?

A. Confront

B. Inflict

C. Acclaim

D. None of these


Antonym of ACQUITTED is:

A. Entrusted

B. Convicted

C. Burdened

D. Freed


Antonym of CYNICAL is:

A. mature

B. naive

C. eccentric

D. crazy


Choose the word that means the opposite or most nearly the opposite of the given word: COMPETENT

A. Incomplete

B. Intense

C. Inept

D. Massive